At the beginning of the Year of Dragon, Bodhi Meditation Vancouver received a group of lively young guests. With innocent and curious eyes, they enjoyed an extraordinary visit to the center and had their first meditation experience.👦👧

Amidst their enthusiastic questions and laughter, the students not only glimpsed the profoundness of Eastern culture and the boundless wisdom of Buddhism, but also gained an unprecedented experience of clarity through meditation. 🌟🌟The compassionate contributions of Grandmaster JinBodhi and Bodhi Meditation to the local community and the society in large deeply inspired them. The students hope to become helpful individuals too in the future.🌺🌏

The students are experiencing the clarity and wisdom brought by meditation.

Everyone earnestly filled out wishing cards, expressing wishes for their parents and their own aspirations for the future.

After a morning of enriched learning, they joyfully shared their love for Bodhi Meditation. The students eagerly wanted to invite their parents to come and further explore the courses and activities of Bodhi Meditation.👨‍👩‍👦💫

Meditation not only brings relaxation, tranquility, health, and happiness to body and mind but also enhances vision, broadens perspective, and increases wisdom. It is especially suitable for young people to start the practice. Everyone is welcome to inquire about the classes.
⛩Location: Bodhi Meditation Vancouver Center, 7740 Alderbridge Way, Richmond, BC, V6X 2A3
☎️Inquiries: 604-276-2885