Why Meditate?


Are you feeling stressed, tired, wound up or worn out? Depressed? Do you have pain or health issues?

The rapid pace of modern life and accompanying expectations of efficiency have greatly enriched our lives, but at the same time, the constant daily demands of a fast-paced world often cause enormous stress and insecurity on both societal and personal levels.

As such, increasing numbers of people from every walk of life are opting to rediscover natural balance, both in body and mind, through the practice of meditation. Just 30 minutes of meditation can change everything.

Many studies have proven the benefits of meditation. Meditation relieves stress and relaxes the body and mind. For those who suffer chronic pain, meditation can enable them to reduce their pain medication and have a more positive outlook on life. When areas of the brain that show pain are scanned, they become less active when the person meditates. Master JinBodhi asserts that most physical suffering originates in mental anxiety; therefore, to realize true health, anxiety must first be addressed. Externally, meditation practitioners strengthen physique and improve general health. Internally, they cultivate the mind and improve disposition. The functions of each part of the body can be recalibrated through Bodhi Meditation. Where there is blockage, there will be clearing; where there is anger or anxiety, peace can be established. When peace governs the mind, a nourishing flow of blood circulates fully and steadily throughout the body. There are many other factors that influence health, but half an hour of deep relaxation daily can make a difference, especially if done in the morning. Meditation in the morning builds a productive blueprint in the mind. The blueprint is a plan for the day and it’s like the mind saying, “Look, I’ve just experienced feelings of compassion, inspiration and a bit of enlightenment, so that’s what I’m going to carry into my world today.” For many people, the common excuse for not practicing daily is that they “work long hours and have no time to meditate”. However, meditation is a wonderful way to get rested! What’s more, on many levels it invigorates and dispels fatigue more efficiently than sleep. We recommend that anyone who works exceptionally long hours put aside an hour of their normal sleep time for meditation. It will increase both the amount of energy that they have each day, as well as their work-related problem solving skills.