Teachings From Master JinBodhi

This is a collection of teachings given by our beloved Master JinBodhi

5:45 An introduction to the Meditation Of Greater Illumination

1:25:51 The Empowerment Of Compassion 

46:19 The Purpose Of Practicing Dharma (Part 1)

1:11:57 The Purpose Of Practicing Dharma (Part 2)

46:27 Energy Bagua (Part 1)

44:00 Energy Bagua (Part 2)

3: 00 Transformation Starts Here.  Master Bodhi in North America.

5:17 Bodhi Lamp Offering

2:12 Mind Creates Desires and Thoughts

4:05 Use Troubles Wisely

3:39 Once you make up your mind just do it

3:02 Broaden One's Mind to Change One's Inner Self

3:53 Learn to accept

6:21 The warmth of compassion


3:12 The Beginning Of Success

11:30 Wonderful Life Starts Here