Practitioners of Bodhi Meditation share their moving and inspiring stories of struggles and joyous breakthroughs. With the help of Bodhi Meditation, each person has forged a fuller, healthier and happier life. Their realization of renewed health and perspective represents those possibilities within us all.

For many years I have had a menstrual cycle that caused so much lower back pain, I would have to stay in bed some days.  I tried everything natural, including bio-identical hormones to correct the problem.  Nothing seemed to work until at the Bodhi retreat, I stood for every Meditation of Greater Illumination and had no discomfort.  Thank you to Master Jin Bodhi and all of the teachers for reminding me to relax.- Mahalia , Victoria

I am not the kind of person who believes things easily or because others do. I have to see things and experience them myself. Now I’ve done that and I’m absolutely convinced.
– Joseph

I use the skills I learned from Bodhi Meditation in my counseling sessions. I'll teach people how to access the Universal energy.
– Carol

You know the old saying, ‘The proof is in the pudding.’ The same goes for all spiritual pursuits. You have to experience it for yourself.
– Sima

I have been surrounded by love and joy. It's such an impressive, loving, supportive environment. The classes cultivate your understanding of how to use your mind to develop a compassionate heart.
– Sidney

For two decades I suffered from neck pain and a sore throat. I attended a Bodhi Meditation Retreat recommended by a friend and during a healing session I felt an energy current flow through my body. After the session I stood up and realized the persistent pain was gone. I owe my health to Bodhi Meditation. 
– Fay

Thanks to Bodhi Meditation I quit my 26-year gambling habit.
– Darrell

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